Why Make The Switch To Reusable Cotton Rounds?

LastRound is a reusable option for disposable cotton pads and makeup rounds. It's made from soft, durable fabric that feels like regular cotton rounds. One pack can be used up to 1,750 times. The pack contains 7 reusable cotton pads and a bio-based bag in 6 different colors.

Reusable cotton rounds: Why not?

We recommend switching to reusable cotton round over single-use cotton pads or cotton balls for a few reasons. LastRound via LastObjectNZ is also better for the environment. It adds up to 730 annually if you use 2 cotton rounds per day. They can be composted if they are 100% cotton and only used with natural products. They can't be composted if they are used to remove traditional makeup. This can lead to toxins and plastics. 

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A single LastRound (7-round) case saves the planet from 1000 single-use cotton rounds. These wipe-clean makeup remover pads are essential for your everyday makeup needs. This is how a cotton round was meant to be all along: soft on the skin, environmental-friendly, money-saving, long-lasting and it's easy to bring with you on the go.


LastRound is made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials. Our third product is a washable cotton pad for face or a makeup removal. Even the packaging can be recycled.


Every cotton round can be composted. LastRound reusable facial pads can be used to reduce the amount of environmental pollution associated with cotton production. You also save thousands of liters per-use.