Why Is VPS Better Than Shared Hosting?

If you're planning to start an online enterprise, or if you've already got one, you'll know that there are many different web hosting plans out there – each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The cheapest is shared hosting which is very popular with hundreds of websites all sharing a very large hard drive.

However, this type of hosting is not always suitable for all websites, especially high-traffic websites, as it is not always possible to separate each website from other websites sharing a server. Very large websites use dedicated servers. Navigate www.gigapros.com/portal/cheap-vps/ to know more about VPS.

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Between these two options is a virtual private server or VPS. VPS is cheaper (much cheaper) than dedicated or private servers and offers more freedom and more opportunities for online business growth than shared hosting. With a Virtual Private Server, each web hosting account gets its own operating system.

Users can configure these components without affecting other users of the same physical machine while they are running on their own virtual servers. In addition, VPS hosting environments can easily scale to more powerful physical hosts as demand increases. In the long run, VPS hosting can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

VPS is not for every website owner. Some people like to host low to moderate traffic websites and are happy with the level of control offered by web hosting control panels like cPanel or Plesk. These people will prefer shared hosting because of its perceived simplicity and ease of use: they usually have no Linux system administration experience and are not interested in getting one.