Why Drain Cleaning Is Important?

Food and other debris can block a garbage disposal's ability to move and do its job. The flywheel is the part that turns and grinds food in the disposal. If you are facing a problem with a blocked drain, you can hire the best plumber for blocked drains in Newcastle.

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These are some ways to clear your garbage disposal.

1) Make sure you have everything you need to complete the task. A hex-head wrench and flashlight are essential, as well as a broom handle and/or a wooden spoon.

2) Before you begin working on the disposal, turn off the power. This is both for safety and ease.

The problem is often in the garbage disposal's blades. Use a flashlight to inspect the garbage disposal through the sink drain. If there are any obstructions, use a flashlight to check. Use a pair of tongs or any other tool you have to grab the object.

3) A hex head wrench is usually included with garbage disposal. In cases where the garbage disposal is not available, a hex wrench that fits in the bottom hole will work. You will need to insert the wrench into the hole, and then turn it backward.

Continue this process in second and third place. Continue doing this until the flywheel is manually moving and turning.

4) Next, grab a wooden spoon handle, a wooden spoon handle, or fork handle and insert them into the disposal through the drain sink. You can use it to manually turn the flywheel until it feels as if it is moving as freely as you want.