What You Need to Know About Black Truffle Salt?

Truffle salt is a relatively new mixture made by blending various fine pieces of black or white truffle with coarse pieces of quartz crystal salt. Compared to other truffle oils, truffle salt tends to be less intense in aroma and flavor, however, that is not always a bad thing. Many people enjoy the rich, robust flavor that truffle salt offers, and they also find that it presents a unique challenge in its use. The salt itself is very much a product of its location. It was originally harvested from the French ski resort of Chamonix, located in an area known for its high concentration of crystals. The popularity of this unique product soon spread throughout Europe, and today there are dozens of versions of the classic mix available.

Traditionally, truffle salt is used to season rich meats or fish dishes. Typically, you will sprinkle the coating on top before you serve them, or mix it into the sauce. Today, many chefs are using this salt as a unique, flavorful seasoning blend for a wide range of foods, from crackers to barbecue and pasta sauces. In fact, many people who try different dishes with this salt realize how versatile it can be! Most often, the flavor of the final dish is better achieved by the addition of this simple, light sprinkling than by heavy spices, such as oregano or thyme, that can alter the taste of the final dish.

You'll also find that truffle salt and other forms of sea salt can be used liberally in savory dishes, from scrambled eggs to omelets. Salads can be dressed up with a variety of different flavors, from mild sage to sharp cheddar, and vegetables can be sprinkled with truffle salt to make a healthy salad that's both delicious and easy to prepare. It even makes an excellent addition to baked potatoes and cornbread.

As well as being versatile, black truffle salt also goes well with a variety of cheeses. You can use it to season mild cheddar cheese, mild Gruyere, and as a nice touch with salami, eggplant, or zesty sausages. You can sprinkle it over the top of raw spinach to make a delicious light spinach salad for lunch or a simple sprinkle over eggplant and tomatoes to make a tasty tomato and eggplant salad for dinner. You can even sprinkle it over soft-shell peas for a light, fresh summertime peas salad. You can't go wrong with a little bit of this powder on top of soft cheese.

For that all-natural, earthy flavor, try using truffle salt in conjunction with a few drops of Rosemary or oregano oil. Sprinkle it over freshly grated parmesan or mozzarella for an added, earthy flavor. Or, if you like, sprinkle it over baby food or use truffle salt to season canned foods. It works wonderfully with eggs, carrots, celery, and zucchini. You can also sprinkle it over the fish. Truffle salt does not overpower the fish's natural flavor, so you can still enjoy your grilled fish without worrying about your palate burning.

If you prefer a more intense flavor, you can use truffle salt in place of sugar or additional flavorings in savory dishes such as jambalaya. It is also great in tomato-based sauces, soups, and stews. Simply sprinkle it over, let it sit, and do its thing. You will find many chefs using truffles in their cooking because it has a slightly bitter but pleasant flavor. Some chefs claim that it adds that special something to the meat that makes it more delicious.

For the health-conscious crowd, there is also the question of using black truffle salt versus using table salt. While using black truffle salt may be healthier than regular table salt, it is still not to be compared with sugar or other artificial alternatives. So, if you are going to use it, make sure that you choose one that is made from all-natural ingredients. Most importantly, make sure that it is harvested from saltwater.

Now that you know all about truffle salt and its benefits, you can shop for it in confidence knowing that you are getting something healthy and that it has not been over-farmed. In addition, you can buy it knowing that it has been processed to retain its mineral and vitamin content. You can even find suppliers who offer to ship worldwide so that your orders can reach their destination with minimum effort. So what are you waiting for? Buy your black truffle sea salt today and experience its health benefits today!