What Are Forklift Tyres Made Of ?

Your forklift tyres could be made of polyurethane resins or rubber. They might contain carbon black or hydrated silicas. Some forklift tyres even have steel wires embedded in them.

It all depends on your tyre type. We broke it down so you can see exactly what your forklift tyres are made of.

Press-On tyres

Cushion press-on forklift tyres are made of solid rubber molded to a steel band. Unless they’re non-marking they will contain carbon black. That’s what causes the black marks on floors. Meanwhile polyurethane press-on tyres are made of  polyurethane resins. Along with synthetics and synthetic blends.

Solid Pneumatic tyres

Solid pneumatic tyres have a bit more to them and are designed for durability.

It starts with steel bead wires on the shoulder of the tyre. Then there’s a hard rubber compound base. Following that is the nylon carcass – it’s a section of steel belts. In the event the tyres are speared, the nylon carcass offers damage protection.

There’s a soft rubber core to aid in operator comfort and reduce operator fatigue. Finally the tread – the wearable part of the tyre. It’s made of an abrasion-resistant rubber compound.

Non-Marking tyres

Non-marking variations are made of a blend of natural rubber with hydrated silicas and special additives. Carbon black is removed to eliminate marks on floors.

Now you are aware of what material your forklift tyres have. This will help you to choose the right tyre for your forklift.