Ways To Keep Your Ground Coffee As Fresh As Ever

Buying freshly roasted coffee beans and taking the time to grind your own beans can be a luxury that many of us just don't seem to have. So if we want freshly brewed coffee, what really is the solution? Here are some simple tips to ensure your ground coffee stays fresh until the last cup is brewed.

The freshness of freshly roasted and ground coffee will be hampered by four external influences. These are light, moisture, air, and heat.

As you can easily see when your ground coffee is subject to any one of these types of external influences, or perhaps all 4, you'll probably have incredibly stale coffee in no time! If you want instant coffee, you can also buy ground coffee online.

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Moisture: Are you like most people and think that keeping your coffee in the fridge can keep your coffee fresh? This is never true. All beans will likely absorb moisture from the cooling process and dilute the flavor of the coffee. In addition to the reduction in flavor, the soil is sure to go rancid and perhaps develop mold.

Light and heat: After roasting and grinding coffee beans, they give off carbon dioxide, which is a normal chemical process that will definitely diminish the flavor of the coffee over time. Every time light and heat are added to this natural carbon dioxide process, the ground coffee beans turn rancid at a much faster rate.

Air: The longer coffee grounds have been exposed to air, the faster they tend to oxidize. By keeping unused coffee grounds in an airtight container, you will certainly slow down the process of your coffee going stale.