Top Tips for Moving and Storage in Raleigh

Even if you are going to hire a moving and storage professional, it is still a smart idea to package or prepare some of your furniture before they arrive, which is very important if you have expensive or important items that you want to ensure do not get broken or damaged in the move.

Here are some additional hints for moving and storage.

Tip 1: Alert the movers to precious items

While most of the movers will be careful with all your valuables, it's good to remind them of items that are very fragile or valuable for you. Especially if the item does not look of value to the natural eye, making sure that they know its importance will ensure that it is given extra attention and padding.

Tip 2: Take advantage of moving blankets

Like people in the transfer and storage sector will tell you, making sure you have the right packaging supplies is an important part of a successful move. Along with completing yourself with other packing inventories, such as bubble wrap and boxes, special notes must be made for the use of moving blankets.

If you use a professional company to help you with your move, then you can count on them to have your own set. Moving blankets do a fantastic job at stopping any marks, scratches or any other damage to your possessions.


Tip 3: The right boxes for the right job

When it comes to moving and storage, planning and preparation are two main aspects that will often be the difference between successful and unsuccessful move.

Therefore it is important to use the right box for the right job because different boxes are good for different purposes. Double-walled or wardrobe boxes, for example, are much stronger than a single-walled box such as an ordinary book box.