Tooth Extraction – Why is It Important?

The dentist is always trying to save the tooth, however, sometimes your tooth is required to be removed. You can also navigate to to get a consultation from a tooth extract

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The reasons for removing teeth

Usually, whenever there is a break in the tooth or tooth injury caused by tooth decay, the dentist attempts to fix the tooth using various methods such as filling it, placing caps. Sometimes, when the damage to the tooth is not repairable and, in these instances, he is supposed to take the tooth out. This is the main reason for tooth extraction.

Additionally, many diseases and medications call for tooth extraction due to the fact that it weakens the immune system and can cause tooth infection. They include cancer medications, dental caries, gum disease, and extra teeth, fractured teeth, organ transplants, treatments for orthodontics, radiation as well as wisdom teeth.

Different types of extraction

There are two kinds of extractions for teeth – basic and surgical.

  • Easy extractions are carried out with teeth visible from the mouth and are easily performed through general dentists. The dentist will give the patient a local injection prior to taking the tooth out.

  • Surgical extractions are done on teeth that aren't accessible easily and this can happen when teeth break under the gum line, or there is a partial expansion of teeth. In this situation, the surgeon must cut and pull the gums back, thus permitting the removal of the teeth.