Tools Used During Watch Servicing

This Kapton Polyimide Valeting Tape 12 mm is employed by professionals involved in watch servicing. They are perfect for use with Rolex watches because the tape's diameter of 12 millimeters fits Rolex bracelets. In case of any damage, you can also search the query “watch battery replacement near me” on the internet.

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Kapton tapes are known for their excellent durability and resistance. Kapton tape can be described as an adhesive that is able to stand up to extreme temperatures. It is coated by a transparent silicone adhesive that is on the one end that is extremely sensitive to pressure. The product is branded with an official trademark. 

It comes in a variety of sizes such as 3 mm 6mm, 9 mm 12, 19mm, and 25mm. The tape is available in a roll of 33 meters long. Its tape-making technology has its roots in Kapton film. Kapton film. In addition to the rolls, Kapton spots can also be purchased. They are available in sizes of 4 6 and 9 12 millimeters in diameter. Each package includes 1000 spots.

The Kapton tape that is used for the servicing of watches is stable across the entire temperature range, from 8 to +370 degrees Celsius from +370 to -8 degrees Celsius. This tape is an insulation tape that can be utilized in extreme temperatures. 

In the process of valeting watch servicing the friction resistance and the properties for a temperature of this tape have been found to be extremely beneficial. The tape can be cut into shape and then placed on the surface that is to be secured when valeting. 

If spots are utilized it is not necessary to cut, just make use of spots to cover areas to be secured. The spot or tape is also impervious to saltwater, and fungi as well as bacteria, water, and acids.