How To Protect Your Pool Cage During Storm Season In Canada?

The pool cover that is installed in the pool area is also known as the pool enclosure. This is quite common due to environmental and climate change.

As most of us know, the main purpose of pool cages is to support small insects, debris, and fallen leaves.

In addition, it serves as protection against insects and mad animals. This is truly one of the best additions to your home and will help you feel comfortable and bond with loved ones in outdoor moments.

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Cut down trees

Is it a tree near your pond cage? Cut down on the limbs that can cause damage to your premises.

Once strong winds drown the trees, they can fall and damage the pond enclosures other than your home. Make sure small trees are planted 15 feet from the house and 20 feet away for large trees.

Repair cracks on the screen

Thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds can hit your pool cage as soon as small or small tears appear on your screen, creating cracks that will become large and destroy your structure.

Dirt removed

Once the strong winds start attacking your home, it will definitely spoil everything. Objects outside your home become fragile and dangerous.

This can reduce mutable and explosive objects, such as flying debris and damaging your own windows and screens.