Why TV Is Still The Most Effective Form Of Advertising In The World

Television advertising continues to be a powerful tool for promoting businesses worldwide, according to figures.

The agency is intended to satisfy the requirements of advertisers looking for reliable, transparent data and new insights. To create this databank, major players in the TV industry exchange data and technical expertise. This will serve to remind advertisers of the importance of TV. You can also find the Best Live TV Streaming and Advertising Services at Total-TV online.

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The global databank covers TV's popularity, effectiveness, resilience, impact, and trust.

Reach: According to the compiled data TV reaches approximately 70% of Europe's population each day and the average daily viewing time for TV is 3hrs 39mins. This unique combination of reach and the large amount of time that TV is watched makes it a powerful form of advertising. Take this example:

  • Television in Finland reaches 95.6% within a month.

  • Television still reaches 99.2% Portuguese weekly.

PopularityTV is the most popular video in the world. Based on available data, TV makes up 90% of an average viewer's total video time. It is the largest portion of video time for the younger generation of millennials, who are the most passionate experimenters with all types of video. Take this example:

  • TV is the main source of video time in Switzerland. It accounts for 86%.

  • TV is responsible for 69.4% in Ireland for video time between 15 and 34 years olds.

Resilience TV has been remarkably business resilient during a time of great disruption over the past decade.