Tips For Bike Rentals In Israel

If you’re an intrepid and adventurous traveler and a seasoned cyclist, and will only need to travel short distances during your visit to another city or town, bike rentals might be an affordable, enjoyable, and more hassle-free alternative to renting a car – especially if public transportation is inconvenient or nonexistent.

Tips to those considering a bike rental for local transportation:

  • Decide what kind and size of bike you’ll need and what accessories you’ll need to be outfitted with. You must choose the type (hybrid, road, mountain, etc.) and the size of the bike that is closest to you or the type you usually use. Hybrids are the most versatile for roads and trails.
  • For a busier off-road adventure, take a mountain bike. You can also hire the rental bike in Israel via

  • Contact the bicycle rental company in advance to make an appointment. Unlike car rental companies, you can't rely on making all your arrangements online.
  • Search the internet for bicycle rentals in your destination city, check the website and store opening hours that appear, and check customer reviews for the store. Then call to make sure the shop can order the bikes and accessories you want and have them ready for you to pick up on your scheduled arrival.
  • You should also pack wisely. If you have a bicycle or saddlebag, use it as luggage. If you plan to carry a larger bag or suitcase, try attaching it to your own bike or a friend's or neighbor's bike before you leave to ensure that the bag attaches to the bike rack and you can use it safely and easily.