Pros Of HTC Vive Focus

HTC is a big name in virtual reality from the beginning. There are many consumer headsets available, except for HTC Vive Pro, which is an enterprise headset. HTC Vive Pro of the enterprise-class.

Now they are going to get a harder enterprise with a new headset, the HTC Vive Focus. It might be new for the international markets, but it’s been available. You can visit for buy HTC vive focus prescription lenses.

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Here are a few main features

1. Standalone 6 DOF Headset

First of all, let’s admit that it is a standalone 6 DOF headset which means there are no wires and no additional devices are required to run it. The entire VR experience is in this one single device.

2. Lightweight

It is very lightweight. The HMD is powered by an 835 chipset, gives you a 3K AMOLED screen with a 110-degree field of view for an overall resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels (for comparison, the Oculus Go has a resolution of 2560 × 1440 and the Rift 2160 x 1220) and 75 Hz refresh rate instead of 90 Hz that has HTC Vive.

3. Fresnel Lenses

The device mounts Fresnel lenses and lets you adjust the IPD to fit your eyes.

The pros are as follows:

  1. The headset is light and comfortable to have on making the experience much more enjoyable
  2. Overall tracking is quite good and the space tracking seems pretty accurate
  3. Resolution and graphics pleased me a lot
  4. Battery management of the Focus is very smart