How Can You Really Make This A Much Better World?

Try to be the best person you can be. That's all in a nutshell. What concept. Being the best person you can make your world a better place and attracts people who strive to be the best person they can be.

In his book Rhythm of Life, Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose, Matthew Kelly offers a mantra that has helped him in his quest to be the best he can be.  To know more about a better world, you can visit

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Human thinking is creative and what you think becomes reality. So if you can create reality through your mind, why not have some great positive inspirational thoughts? Imagine if everyone tried to be a better person in every good moment, what a great world we would live in.

Imagine how great your life would be if you replaced all those negative thoughts and especially negative, embarrassing, destructive self-talk with these positive thoughts. All creations, promotions, books, novels, products, and innovations; all start with a thought. Good, bad, and ugly start with a thought.

So what if your dominant thought was, "What does it take today to be the better person I know I can be?" In a short time, you can reach perfection, even genius. You will truly make this world a lot better.

The actions in our lives are determined by our dominant thoughts. So what will your next step achieve? Good, bad, or ugly; You are the architect and builder of your world. Let me close with a story that I think emphasizes you as the architect and builder of your world.