Top Ten Purple Gemstones In Jewelry

Purple gemstones can be paired with a certain outfit or purple color looks great. Almost everyone immediately thinks of amethyst. You can get more information for a beautiful, affordable, and durable purple gemstones at Here are 9 other great options.

Sapphires – They come in almost any color, including purple. They can be a little expensive but maybe not as bad as you think. You can buy a beautiful, bright, quite clear purple sapphire, for a very reasonable price.

Grenades – There are purple garnets, sometimes called wine garnets, that sell for a few dollars per carat.

Tanzanite – This is awesome if you are on a budget. High-quality stones have unmatched beauty, but they can cost hundreds of dollars per carat. 

Iolite – A clear, bluish-purple stone, usually faceted, that looks like sapphire or tanzanite. 

Spinel – They are also available in various colors, one of which is purple. They are very beautiful, very similar to sapphires. They are rarer than sapphires, but cheaper because they are not that well known.

Charoite- It is a beautiful purple stone from Russia. It usually has the appearance of a swirling, happy pattern of interconnected crystals.

Chalcedony – Available in many colors, some quite common. However, purple is quite rare. The purple variety is usually native to Indonesia. 

Sugilite – Another very rare gemstone that was first discovered in Japan. So beautiful, so purple. Stones of better quality are slightly translucent.

Tiffany Stone – Tiffany Stone is a beautiful and unusual stone found only in Utah.