Preventing Fleas And Ticks In Your Dogs

With flea and tick season in full swing, then you might be asking yourself how to maintain your four-legged buddy free from such pesky creatures without relying upon chemical-based preventatives.  

A lot of individuals unknowingly pollute their house surroundings and undermine the health of their puppies using flea and tick treatments. You can even talk to the experts by visiting sites such as to take care of your dog from ticks and any kind of disease. 

Luckily, there are natural options that are far better for your environment, your pet, and the remainder of your loved ones.

Flea and tick prevention carries a thorough strategy.  You'll have to think about the regions your dog roams and resides in addition to safeguarding your pet's body.  

As an example, if your puppy regularly spends time on your garden, employ cedar mulch as a normal repellant.  

Cedar mulch applied to garden beds or within an enclosure your pet spends some time in is an excellent way to produce a natural barrier for both ticks and fleas. In case you've got a puppy, or some other pet for that matter, it's crucial to vacuum every day during flea and tick season. 

Mop and clean different areas of your house so as to eliminate any critters and potential food sources.  

Wash pet bedding frequently, and make sure you wash your bedding, rugs, and other things on your house where ticks and fleas may survive.  

A great trick is to bring a bit of lavender oil into the final rinse cycle when washing bedding or linens.  Be mindful that lots of essential oils are poisonous to cats. You can do this visually to the regions where you are able to observe the epidermis.