Dental Implants Cost – Is it Worth It?

If the thought of replacing your teeth conjures up visions of old-school dentures, prepare to be ushered into the twenty-first century. Dental implants represent an incredible technological advancement in dentistry. They are extremely advanced prosthetic teeth that are inserted into the mouth's roots. 

On the exterior, they look like conventional teeth, but on the inside, there is a titanium screw that is inserted into the mouth and offers a framework that rivals the strength of your real teeth. Continue reading to learn more about the costs associated with these exciting new advancements in tooth replacement.

The dental implants price usually ranges from $1500-to $3000 per replacement tooth. Although this may appear to be an amount of money for the perfect smile, you must remember that having a healthy tooth structure is extremely beneficial to your bite. 

Single tooth implant cost, Dental Implants Cost Breakdown

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It is critical to remember that having a balanced tooth structure will considerably help your bite and ensure that your remaining teeth do not compensate for the lost tooth. This is especially important if you are missing a tooth that is necessary for chewing. There are certain solutions available to you to help offset the costs of dental implants.

Consult your primary dentist regarding your dental implant price, and the possibilities of financing them through their practice, or via your insurance provider to save on the costs. Since there is a growing demand for the procedure, there might be several dentists in your area that offer dental implants. If this is the case you might want to look at comparing different dental practices to locate one that's compatible with your spending budget