Tips For Planning a Successful Destination Wedding in Denmark

A beach wedding can be a great alternative to a traditional wedding. For many couples, getting married in the open, blue skies, surrounded by sand and waves, is more attractive and may be less expensive than traditional wedding traditions.

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When planning a beach / destination wedding, keep the following tips in mind:

1) Choose a location that is close to or connected to a resort or hotel.

Beach weddings require some arrangement, so it is best to choose a location near a resort or hotel that offers this service.

2) Order at least one year in advance.

Unless you're planning a very small wedding – and you're lucky with reservation availability – it's best to book your wedding at the destination at least a year in advance.

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Popular beaches and resorts fill up very quickly and are often nearly occupied long before the planned wedding date. By booking in advance, your guests can also save on travel costs and shop for the items they want to carry.

3) Don't forget your guests when ordering.

It's best to book block rooms, preferably all on the same floor or in the same area of the hotel or resort. This ensures that rooms are reserved for everyone and that everyone lives in the same common area.

4) Choose your timing wisely.

Try to organize a morning or evening ceremony. This ensures that the sun is not directly above your head or high on the horizon, which can make you and your guests feel very uncomfortable. This is especially important if you are not used to tropical sunshine, which can be much scorching and potentially more dangerous than the intensity of the sun you live in.