Laying Hardwood On Concrete Slabs

In case your house rests on a concrete slab, you may think that solid wood is not a good option, especially if you plan to install it below ground level, but you are not deprived. All installed wood flooring will absorb moisture if the air is humid and lose moisture if the air is dry. Wood is a "living material". 

Moisture is the biggest problem when thinking of laying a hardwood floor over concrete slabs, but with some preparation and considerable work, this project can be completed successfully. You can also hire a contractor for buying concrete slabs online through

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Concrete slabs that are wet hold moisture that will cause problems later on. Before deciding to install hardwood, it's best to check the moisture level in a few different areas of your home.

It's better to spend some time testing for moisture than to reinstall the hardwood floor later or fix the damaged areas. This is the important part of quality control in the flooring installation process, because hardwood floors are a considerable investment.

Install subfloors on concrete slabs

Hardwood can be successfully installed at, above, or even below grade, although below grade installation is not always recommended. Concrete slabs must be allowed to dry completely before installing the subfloor. The natural way of drying is even better than using special heat and ventilation. The finished floor must not be subject to moisture from the concrete slabs.