A Guide to Company Registration in Singapore

A company is registered and established under one of the earlier legislation governing companies. In common sense, it is an association of people who are formed to perform the function of business and has the privilege of limited liability and an identifiable name. After a company registration in Singapore, a company is capable of having rights, property, duties, and incurring requirements in its own name.

The registration forms for companies are registered on the INC-29 form as

  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Private Limited Company
  • Producer Company
  • One Person Company (OPC)

The steps and processes may vary in different forms. But, they all share similar procedures. The registration process can differ from state to state. However, for a first launch, the basic structure is a private limited firm. It can be either partnership or sole proprietorship/LLPs.


The name of your business is the most crucial aspect of your business. It must convey a particular message effectively and clearly. Your company's name is your brand name, and it is what people associate with your company's services. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your company is registered and endorsed by your name.

DSC Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is the digital design of physical or paper certificates. For example, a driving license, passport, and so on. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) may be electronically submitted as proof of identity to access services or authenticate certain documents on the internet manually.

DIN Director Identification Number

Director Identification Number (DIN) is assigned to a prospective or existing director of the company that has been incorporated. In the new regulations that are set by the government, directors of the company must sign up and receive an ID Number (DIN). In a business, three directors can be registered to get director identification numbers. (DIN) Director Information Number.