Few Tips On Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

A commercial refrigerator is essential for your restaurant as it cools all your drinks and groceries perfectly. For this reason, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your device between regular service visits. You can also look for the best industrial refrigeration cleaning services through various online sources.

So what do you need to do regularly? Here are some helpful commercial refrigerator care tips to keep your device clean and functioning.

1. Clean the inside and outside one by one

Try to schedule a full cleaning of your entire refrigerator every week or two. Remove the item from the inside and place it in another device or a temporary cooler. Using a fluffy brush, wash the shelves and surfaces with warm water and a soap or vinegar solution. If you can get the shelves and drawers out, soak them briefly and wash them while you clean.

The exterior of your device should also be cleaned regularly. It is important to use suitable cleaning solutions and agents on the exterior of the stainless steel. 

2. Clean the capacitor coil regularly

You should regularly clean the refrigerator or freezer coil. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning every three months, and many guides have specific cleaning tips. If it is dirty or dusty, the temperature will be difficult to maintain, resulting in overheating and damage to components.

The coil is placed near the device capacitor. Turn off the device and use a hard-bristled brush to remove dust and grime. Then clean the remaining residue with a powerful vacuum cleaner or air compressor.