Free & Affordable Chat Bots

A website chatbot is a computer program used to perform an online chat conversation through text or voice-to-voice, rather than providing direct physical contact with another human being. The original chat bot was developed back in the 1990s by an Australian university, which was later commercialized by the chat hosting company chat bot supplier Blue Tongue. Today, there are hundreds of different chat bot software programs from a variety of different providers. Each one differs in function and capabilities, and some can be downloaded for free, while others must be purchased. The advantages of chat bots include:

Chat bots were initially designed to perform basic tasks that could be done by a computer program. There are many examples of such bot programs, including the popular "roid" chat bot which keeps track of the user's online activity. Other examples include the "robot cleaners" (which scans your PC to remove malicious virus information) and the "spam bots" (which send you emails if they think you're a sender of spam). In a more basic sense, however, bots can be categorized into general chat apps, which have become very popular since the advent of mobile computing, and specialized apps, such as those developed by Microsoft for its Windows platform.

Microsoft has made use of artificial intelligence in order to achieve this goal. In fact, chat bot technologies can be described as the application of artificially intelligent programs to create and maintain a dialogue in real-time. Such technologies can be applied in many situations, such as gaming, advertising, and social networking. Users interact with a "live agent", who can be either a robot or a human, and the agent uses what it learns from the real-time conversations to suggest and respond to specific questions, as well as to deliver answers and make suggestion suggestions. It can do this, much like a human may do.

The primary use for chat bots is for customer service functions. Bot operators help customers in identifying and contacting the necessary resources, as needed, in a conversational manner. Customer service operators have the option of becoming virtual agents as well. Bot operators may help customer care personnel in an operation's customer service department, as well as provide support and assistance to other employees as needed.

As mentioned above, a conversational interface is created between the customer and live agents. The user enters specific instructions in a channel, such as through chat bots, and the bot provides the appropriate responses. For example, if someone calls customer support and needs help with a problem, a bot may interpret that as a request for assistance in a particular area. If a computer user calls a tech support center, and the caller needs help troubleshooting a problem, the chat bot would provide helpful suggestions for resolving the issue.

Chat bots are generally designed to be easy to install and adaptable. The installation process is usually quick and easy. Since most of these chat bots run on embedded script codes, it is usually possible to customize the software to work with most browsers. A wide variety of operating systems are supported as well. This allows for a conversational bot to be easily integrated into a website, as well as run independently in a web browser.

In addition to chat bots providing real-time chat services and functions, they can also be used as advertising tools. Chat bots can serve as advertising, or fun, virtual billboards for various apps. For instance, a popular app that has been downloaded millions of times, such as Pokemon, requires a lot of conversation to be created between its users and others. Chat bots are programmed to respond to certain phrases, such as "poke" (meaning poke), "mention" (to bring up a user's favorite Pokemon), and "talk" (to bring up the Bot's profile and command the user to say something).

After the bot has been set up, a programmer can install it into the server. The server will act as the chat bot's master, and all requests are handled by the Bot. Once the bot is installed, a new Bot user can join the server and become a player. In that way, the Bot can communicate with other players to share ideas or experiences. The developer of the Bot can also connect it to third-party apps through the internet. With that ability, a website chatbot can combine with an existing application, turning it into a fully functioning program.