Some Common Biblical Facts One Should Know

The bible offers plenty of answers to the questions that one probably needs. From end-time predictions to the problems of everyday life, the Bible has an answer. to all of our questions. You can take a look at a few interesting facts about the bible, that will help give you a greater understanding about what it is all about.

1. If you count the books of today's bible you will find that there are 66 books of the bible. You will find a total of 39 books in the Old testament and 27 books can be found in the New testament. You should also know that the bible books were not initially called the old or new testament. You can find more interesting facts about the Bible through a Bible timechart.

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2. All the bible books which are commonly called scriptures that were written in Hebrew initially, by Israelite Prophets. When the Greeks and Romans were taking over kingdoms including those in the Middle east and Israel, they had scholars translate the books into Greek. This was during the Hellenistic period.

3. The bible was compiled for over a 1000, or more year period. It has been maintained because of all the manuscripts that were left over the years. There are many Greek documents written from 125 AD on wards that validate the authenticity of the bible.

These facts above are just a snippet of some information about the bible. It is also encouraging to note that the promise offered in the bible is eternal life, in a kingdom to come on earth.