Different Types Of Truck Toolboxes

A truck toolbox is a useful organizer for keeping your equipment in one place. You can easily take them with you anywhere. The simplest type is a single box with no partitions. Others are multi-tiered when opened. 

A storage box for the loading area of the car trailer or a drawbar box is ideal when tools and other small parts are to be transported safely. Of course, a stable aluminum storage box for the trailer is best for this. 

Truck Toolboxes

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Some truck toolboxes are installed on the side of the rail. Others are mounted in front of the bed Toolboxes differ in size and material used. Below are some of the top truck tool boxes available in the market.

  • Professional Rail Top Mount Truck Box:- This toolbox is mounted on the side rail. It is the best option for builders and contractors as it is easily accessible. Such toolboxes are often made of diamond plate aluminum with stainless steel paddle latches. 
  • Side Mount Truck Box:- It is also located on the side rail but sits on top of the rail and on the bed. It opens with the help of gas struts. These gas struts help keep the top open. It is usually made of an aluminum diamond plate with the added durability of a foam-filled lid.
  • Gullwing Crossbed Truck Bed:- It is a toolbox suitable for large trucks. It is usually placed in front of the bed. It is made of heavy aluminum, with a lift tray holding small objects.