All About The Hair Clay

As the demand for clean beauty is rising across the world, people who used to prefer prepackaged products are now seeking to take charge of the products they apply to their bodies. This is taken one step higher by those who wish to learn DIY techniques that are high in both benefits and botanicals. 

Masking hair has been one of the many ways for those who are eager to experiment There's also an increase in using bentonite clay for various reasons. You can also look for the best hair mask or hair clay via

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In the world of natural hair, particularly the hair industry, bentonite clay is thought to be an effective clarifier that removes impurities and provides flake and microbe reduction.

What is Bentonite Hair Clay?

A thick, mud-like material Bentonite clay originates from volcanic ash found in deep rock deposits in the Smectite Group. It is the most absorbent oil and is extremely flexible and soft.

Advantages of Bentonite Clay on Natural Hair   

  • Hydrates scalp and hair: It helps with dry and flaking scalps, and also conditions such as seborrheic dermatologic.

  • Eliminates dandruff: According to Shamban Bentonite clay is negatively charged which means it attracts positive ions to products, thus lifting and eliminating dirt from the scalp and hair. It is extremely beneficial in the elimination of dandruff.

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