The Beara Way: Traveling Through Ireland’s The Wild Kingdom

Ireland is famous for the wild side of its culture. Its rugged landscape and passion for drinking are just some of the reasons why Ireland is a top tourist destination across the globe.  

In order to fully appreciate the beauty of The Beara way in Ireland, a traveler needs to venture out into the wild. By biking, you will take in sweeping landscapes, get close to nature, and experience the authentic Irish culture as you travel through rural areas.  

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The Beara Way is a long, narrow valley in Ireland's West Cork Mountains. Overlooking this valley are the Atlantic Ocean to the west and along its eastern edge the slopes of the Macgillycuddy Reeks. A narrow strip of land between these two great natural features separates the valley from Mount Brandon. 

Ireland is a beautiful country that is unique in many ways. It has its own culture, folklore, and traditions that differ from those around the world. One of the best parts about exploring Ireland is discovering Irish culture for yourself. There are festivals, artistic performances, and ceremonies that are open for people to view. 

There are many activities that tourists can do in Ireland. Some of these activities include hiking, cycling, and camping. One common activity is wildlife watching. This is one of the most profitable attractions in the country because so many travelers come each year to see the wildlife while they're at Beara Coast.