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Sleep under the stars, on a mountain, near a stream or in the forest, you can camp just anywhere. No matter what campground or open area you choose, the outdoors is right outside your tent door. Camping lets you spend the night in remote places and take a break from these luxurious comforts of home. For amazing camping you can search about army canopy rentals on the internet.

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Nothing beats army tent camping for affordability. With just a tent and tarp you can be set to go on a great camping adventure. The great thing about having an army tent is you can literally decide the night before that you want to go camping.

Of course, you will probably want to add to the list with a few extras. A sleeping bag and air mattress is a nice extra but a sheet and some blankets will do just as well. Army tent camping is the easiest form of camping for setting up. 

These tents only take a few minutes to have the tent unpacked and assembled. Army tents are usually the easiest to set up and usually come with easy to follow instructions. It's much easier with two people but even one person can put together an army tent.