All-On-Four Dental Implants

All-on-four dental implant techniques are a good solution for patients who have lost or will lose all the upper teeth and/or below. This procedure usually involves placing four gear implants in each tooth arch. 

Using five dental implants, such as the correct All-on-4 implant system, is the preferred method because the All-on-Four implant system is not in accordance with the actual oral anatomy. All-on-four implants tend to fail more than five to five times. With this procedure, patients can get a new set of permanent teeth in a very short time.

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Patients who want to replace their dentures with dental implants all at four should not be removed for daily cleaning, because patients can treat and clean new teeth such as natural teeth.

By choosing all-on-four dental implants for dentures, the patient will never experience the effects of weakening loose dentures, porous bones, the inability to eat the food they want, discomfort in fake teeth while talking or smiling.

All-in-four techniques for dental implants

All-on-four techniques use four dental implants from several oral surgeons while others use five dental implants. This implant secures your new permanent replacement teeth. Sometimes, depending on the loss of the patient's bone, the patient may need a bone graft.

Your oral surgeon will usually use Sedasi IV to ensure maximum security and comfort for each patient during the procedure. 

Usually, the whole process of implantation, including all extraction, can be completed in one day. The teeth part attached to implants is usually filled with a cosmetic restorative dentist and is usually completed after healing. The end result is a fully functional set of gears.