Product Visualization Aids Consumers In Shopping

Buying stuff online can be addicting – once you start, you can't stop – because you can do it anywhere, anytime.

However, before the big market and eCommerce websites got started, everyone had to add shopping to their to-do list. Right now, all you can do is play around on the couch, swipe your device screen, and click a button to make a purchase. AR known as Augmentation Reality makes online shopping more interesting. To get details on AR visit

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Is AR the future of e-commerce?

In the survey, PushOn received mixed opinions from respondents about the tools e-commerce websites should consider to encourage them to buy expensive products online.

40% say they want to use AR to test a product before buying it. Because this technology integrates digital images into the real world, online shoppers can see and feel a product by incorporating the image into their view of reality.

n the other hand, 41% of respondents said that implementing tighter online security made them feel safe when buying expensive items and therefore were confident they would spend more.

Here are other items on their wish list:

52% believe retailers need to invest in technology that enables better multi-channel experiences. So, the shopping journey goes smoothly in-store and online.

32% want to use an online service to get instant answers to their questions.

17% of retailers call to use AI and digital chatbots that can display purchase recommendations based on their buying habits and answer questions about products.

17% would like to see one-click purchases online to make payment easier.

16% want to use more mobile payments to make online purchases faster.

In addition to great products and fast delivery, industry experts are urging online companies to choose the best technology that will help customers better visualize their products.