Step by Step Guide For Creating an Employee Time and Attendance Management System

Irrespective of the dimensions of your company, keeping accurate employee attendance documents is critical – and not just because it's the law! The expenses related to labor are usually the greatest expense incurred by a company, so labor management is much more than compliance. For more information about perfect attendance management system visit

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On this note, we've made a step-by-step guide for creating an employee attendance and time management system.

Kinds of Attendance Management Systems

• Timesheet

• Time Clock

• Automated Attendance System

– Badge Reader (swipe, proximity, etc.. )

– Biometric (Fingerprint, Hand Reader)

• Software/Internet/Mobile App Options

Measure 1. How many workers do you want to handle?

Up to Five Workers

If your company has fewer than 5 workers, you're looking at two options to get an attendance management program: a timesheet or a clock with cards. The lure of this timesheet is one of the prices. All you need to do is produce a timesheet and you're ready to go.

Up to 25 Workers

In case you've got a small company with fewer than 25 workers, a period clock will probably (probably ) be a fantastic match for the company. An automated attendance system may be a better choice though. 

As a rule of thumb, if you're not spending over 1-2 hours a pay period on attendance direction, a clock is a decent time recording way of your own organization. 

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint readers are most widely utilized in retail and business environments. Fingerprint readers are exceptional in businesses that require heightened safety or where friend punching is a common and widespread issue. They may also double as access management systems where required.