Separation Anxiety and Ways to Prevent It in Dogs

The anxiety of dogs who are separated is usually an issue of discussion. Many pet owners believe their pets suffer from this chronic problem because they are loud and whine when they leave the home or chew on objects while their owners are away. It's true that the anxiety of dogs who are separated isn't as common as some think. For treating separation anxiety in dogs, visit

Preventing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

The best method to reduce the anxiety of dogs who are separated is to give puppies a good start in socialization. A puppy who is taken to places and exposed to a variety of new experiences in its early years has the chance to develop its confidence. 

The more trust the puppy acquires at this early age and the lower the chance that he is to be overly dependent on his owner as an adult dog or be afflicted with separation fear when the dog's owner needs to be away from him. You can take the puppy out to areas where dogs are welcomed and let him enjoy an enjoyable time. 

If your puppy encounters something that scares him the best way to handle it is to be upbeat and positive. Make sure that the puppy knows the world that it's not something to be scared of. It's recommended to laugh at all things that can scare puppies, like cats leaping from the bushes, or the popping of a balloon.