Selecting the Right Shipping Company

Choosing a suitable shipping company for your business is like choosing a life partner, they will be there for you when you need them most, they will have a solution for you when you require it and every now and again they will do something that you never expected, in a good way of course! 

Third party management in Canada recognizes the challenges that come with the exponential growth of online sales and jump on the opportunity to help meet the fulfillment demands of a global market.



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So with the power vested on us, we have put together a short checklist to help you with this daunting task of selecting the most appropriate shipping company, (you may read now):

Do they have a website?

It is important that the courier you choose to ship with, have a full functioning website with clear information on the services they offer, their rates, customer service, and tracking. 

Do they have a suitable service for me?

Every business shipping requirement is different (time-sensitive, degradable, etc.) therefore it is critical that you choose a shipping company that can offer a service that is suitable to your needs. 

Will this cost me an arm and a leg?

You need to be aware of this. It is worth looking into third-party logistics providers, for quick rate comparison and most times subsidized shipping rates.

If you're interested in engaging a 3PL to fulfill your shipments, go for a platform that's completely automated so you can save time while you cut costs.