Roles of Kidney Specialists In San Antonio TX

A kidney specialist or nephrologist is an internal medicine specialist who has received additional training in the medical care of patients with kidney disease.

He has taught and qualified for kidney disease, kidney transplantation and dialysis therapy. This training qualifies specialists for comprehensive treatment of kidney disease, as kidney disease can impair the function of other organs in the body. This kidney specialist may focus on pediatric nephrology (kidney disease in children) or nephrology in adults. You can visit to contact kidney specialists in San Antonio TX.

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Kidney specialists play an important role in making decisions with patients and/or families about whether to leave or end dialysis. One of the main activities of a kidney specialist or nephrologist is the use of artificial kidneys to treat patients with acute and chronic kidney failure.

This specialist does not operate the kidneys surgically; however, he or she may need to perform a kidney biopsy by inserting a narrow needle through the surface of the body next to the kidney to find a sample of kidney tissue. A kidney specialist or nephrologist will often witness a patient being treated by a doctor who performs kidney surgery.

Your nephrologist will explain things to you if your condition requires dialysis or a transplant. If you are having a kidney transplant, your doctor or nephrologist may work on your later treatment to help manage your blood pressure, drug interactions, and other problems you may have.