Pampas Grass – When and How to Use the Pampas Grass in Your Garden

There are a number of houseplants that look so spectacular that they can literally transform a garden from ordinary to special. One of them is Cortaderia selloana pampas grass from Argentina. It looks beautiful in the house garden. If you are thinking of having ‘dried pampas grass visit‘ (also known as ‘pampasgras getrocknet visit’).

Pampas grass and its large fur can reach a height of 3 to 5 meters and spread from the base to form large clumps about 1 to 2 meters wide. The flowers, especially the female ones, are very beautiful. It is clear that the role of plants is the role of focus. In this case, the game involves general knowledge of design and good taste. 

As the dominant element in the composition, it is best not to compete for attention with other elements that attract attention such as flower beds, sculptural plants, or species with an unusual green colour.

As a grass obviously can be combined well with other ornamental plants. Indeed, the entire composition can be built around the pampas as a central element, supported by grasses such as Miscanthus and Pennisetum setaceum, which are about one meter high, whereas carpets are composed of low-growing plants of similar shapes and habits.

Cortaderia is perfect for gardening in dry climates where water is scarce. It can handle simple nutritional supplements quite well in dry months and may need around 300mm per year. Planted in a large bed with decorative pebbles creates a stunning focal point, while the total water consumption of the entire bed can actually be less than 200mm per year.