Network Cable – Different Types and Significance

In a computer network, several computers and various other devices are connected to exchange data and facilitate interaction. To establish communication between computers, network cables are used that carry certain types of signals; Setting up a computer network is fairly easy once you know which cable is ideal for connecting any device.

Network Cabling Solutions in Vaughan are also known as structured cables. Network cables have different speeds, so it's important to know which cable offers faster data transfer, along with some knowledge of network cabling cables.

Different types of network cables

Twisted Pair Cable- This is the most common network cable used in telecommunications. In the wiring of this network cable, there are pairs of copper cables that are twisted in pairs. This cable is used for both data and voice transmission on computer networks. This cable helps to minimize noise and cross-interference.

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable-  Also called UTP, this network cable is commonly used to connect multiple computers, mainly because it is very cheap and easy to use. This network cable consists of a common cable sheath with four pairs of twisted copper wires and can eliminate electromagnetic stimulation. UTP is widely used for LANs.

Shielded twisted pair cable-  It is also known as STP, this cable is mainly used in token-ring networks. The shield on this cable helps reduce EMI radiation and is sensitive to cross-interference.