Military Management Services in Springfield: The New Trend for Small Business

Some business owners have a desire to run a company like a military unit. The business owner understands, almost instinctively, that there are unique management strategies that military organizations employ to accomplish difficult missions. If you want to learn about military management services refer to

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Let us start with what military leadership is:.

  • Persuasion.

This is the military’s most misunderstood structure. Orders are certainly issued and followed. But what is not seen by civilians is something more subtle: The ability to influence a point of view and enlist a following. Only through persuasion and trust. Not blind obedience. The most important characteristic to own is the ability to persuade.

  • Discipline

The Army definition has two parts. The first is well known: “The prompt obedience to orders.” Which is what we all desire; compliance is necessary for a team to function. But the second part of the Army’s definition is little known outside the military: “Initiation of appropriate action in the absence of orders.” Initiative, sense of urgency, resourcefulness. The military uses both parts of ‘discipline’ to accomplish The Mission.

  • Field Expedient Methodology.

Developing work-arounds to repair a piece of equipment, or in the broadest sense, to mold organizations — or to modify a plan while moving. Flexibility and innovation. The civilian world and entry level supervisors believe that every military commander gets everything he wants, where he wants it, when he wants it. (Because he barked out an order.)

Men will march into hell for a heavenly cause, but only because they will move with those they trust, with discipline and flexibility. The smart small business leader can get victory after victory with persuasion, discipline and flexibility.