Learn More About the Hamptons

The Hamptons are quite a distance from New York, which is southeast of Long Island. Less than the Big Apple, it has escaped the middle and upper classes of New York seeking a change of pace over the summer holidays. You can also learn more about Hamptons through the internet.

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Hampton is actually a collection of several small towns that are actually closer to a new paradise (like a flying bird) than New York. Although the true Hampton are Southampton, Dunes of West Hampton and East Hampton, Springs, North Sea, and Eastern Quagga are also included, though not officially, along with a large number of small towns and cities.

Interestingly, although the term "Hampton" has long been associated with the summer idea of "a playground for the rich", most of the area's population remains middle class.

Hampton is one of the most beautiful areas on Long Island; This, in addition to its relatively small population most of the year, has made it a popular area for directors. Some of the feature films you can see were shot at the Hampton, including two Woody Allen films, Annie Hall and Aphrodite, which are very strong; Other popular films shot at Hampton are Devil, Gift-Free, and Continuous Sunlight from a Pure Mind.

Hampton also offers a variety of outdoor activities that include everything from horseback riding to deep sea fishing. Once you're done with that, you'll have no shortage of nightlife at the Hampton, which has plenty of pubs, dance halls, cinemas, and live concerts.