Laying the Foundation With Primary Care

You cannot build a house without putting the proper foundation. The same goes for the healthcare system. Primary care physicians are on the front line of defence for almost every injury or ailment that occurs. They are responsible for diagnosing and/or treating a wide array of illnesses, from the common cold to mental health issues.

These are the people that decide when we need to see a specialist and point us in the direction of the people who are most qualified to help us regain our health. Primary care doctors play an important part in our countries health and well-being. They are the ones that lay the foundation for a healthier, wealthier, stronger and happier life. If you are in need of direct primary care physician in Charlotte then you can opt for Art of Medicine Direct. 

The demand for primary care doctors is increasing while the amount of people seeking to become general practitioners is not. Oddly enough, insurance companies are paying primary care doctors about 1% of the premium they receive per patient.

A shocking number considering 90% of doctor visits in the U.S. can be filed as a primary care visit. This is not to say that these doctors are struggling to get by, but it does show that they are not being compensated properly for the amount of responsibility they own in regards to the healthcare system as a whole.

The Affordable Care Act has made minor strides in increasing the number of medicare dollars that are spent on primary care by 10%. Research shows that this increase will actually cause a 1.9% decrease in total spending. The savings will stem from decrease complications, the use of expensive specialists, and people achieving an overall more healthy lifestyle.