How Tax Professionals Can Help You?

What should you do?

The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights allows any citizen to hire a tax professional to represent them if they have a problem with the IRS. Contrary to popular belief some IRS auditors and collectors prefer dealing with expert tax instructors

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They are often familiar with the tax code and agents so the problem can be resolved quickly. They are often unable to make progress with individual taxpayers because they assume they are being conned. Dealing with tax professionals makes their job much easier.

There are also practical issues. Many taxpayers become emotional when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Many taxpayers assume that the IRS agent is trying to take them out. This leads to a breakdown of communications and tax debtors often ignore any future correspondence. This invariably drives them further into tax debt.

What is possible?

If the IRS decides they can't collect back taxes using conventional methods, they will bring out the big guns. The Internal Revenue Service is not your average collection agency. They have the backing of the federal government. 

The IRS can seize all assets if someone owes money to them. To recover tax debts, the IRS can seize everything you own. The IRS can take your car, house, and all money in your bank account. They can garnish your wages or retirement accounts.

Contact a tax advisor

Most taxpayers distrust the IRS because there are many stories of the IRS using intimidation tactics to get them to pay more than they owe. Tax advisors can help you overcome the knowledge gap and work with IRS representatives. He will try to negotiate a tax payment plan that will allow you to pay your tax debt in monthly installments.