Everything You Need to Know About Low Loader Trailers

Low-loader trailers are highly useful and versatile machines that are designed to transport heavy equipment. Whether it’s a crane, excavator, or an enormous dump-truck heading to a mining site, low-loaders are the top pick for transportation.

This type of machine has been in use for several decades, with the first model being introduced in the late 1920s. There are many companies that provide these high-quality low-loaders for sale. This low-loader trailer comes in several variants, for a wide spectrum of tasks.

Low-loader trailers can also drag forestry machines, such as forwarders, harvesters, and skidders. These are also used for transporting boats and vessels, farming machines, and loading wind power plants like generators and turbine blades.

Given these many applications, these machines have proven to be one of the best ways across all industries to transport heavy cargo across long distances.

Perhaps the most commonly known use of trailers is in the construction industry, particularly in the transportation of equipment involved in constructing roads and bridges. Semi-trailers may not always be able to transport all equipment and materials, so low bed trailers are often used to move concrete blocks and beams to construction sites.

Vehicles that are being moved from one showroom to another are transported using low-loader trailers. These heavy vehicles include buses, trucks, tractors, and other similar vehicles.

If you are transporting smaller cars, then low bed trailers can still be used by stacking these vehicles to maximize space.