Electronic Sow Feeding System For Your Sows

Electronic sows feeders (ESF) with forwarding exits to properly designed group pens have kept sows cool, maintaining productivity and minimizing the minimum distance caused by decades of injury.

The electronic feeders for sows feeds each pig individually, depending on the number and the conditions of the pigs. This gives you easier control as it works every day. 

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Here are some tips for using the system properly:

1. Every time a new pig joins, make sure all breeding data, pig ID and feeding level are entered into the automatic feeder.

2. Do not overload the station. Make sure every animal can eat easily every day.

3. Your cage position should encourage the animal to move comfortably from the entrance to the exit.

4. Animals should be trained before using the feeding system. 

Effective Control: With the electronic sow feeder, it is easier to manage and monitor your business. It sends a signal by telephone or computer when the current situation arises or when the pig’s behavior shows abnormalities, such as:  feeding, body temperature, loss of ear tags, etc.

That way, you can respond effectively every time. You can also better analyze your results by reviewing statistics and data stored and tracking emissions.