Different Types of Garden Pots

A pot, flowerpot, planter, or plant pot is a container in which flowers and other plants are cultivated and displayed. Most of the pots are made of plain unglazed ceramic terracotta, with a round shape that tapers inward.

Terracotta pot: This kiln-fired clay can range from deep orange-brown to pale cream. Find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. The surface can be smooth, textured, or decorated with intricate patterns. You can buy affordable large pots for garden through various online sources.

Porous to allow air to penetrate and water to evaporate. This classic container material is durable and can be used in a formal or casual garden.

Glass-lined pot: Made from glazed, oven-baked clay, these containers are available in almost any size, shape, and color—even color combinations. From high-gloss to matt, it's all included. Glass containers are more durable and retain moisture in the soil better than ordinary terracotta.

Concrete pot: This material can be molded into various shapes and colored, tinted, or left natural. Sturdy and durable, concrete tanks will last for years with minimal maintenance. Due to their heavyweight, they do not roll over easily.

Iron pot: Iron can be poured into molds to create almost any style, from classic antique shapes to sleek modern styles. It can be painted or left raw to rust naturally.

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