Develop A Real Awareness Of How Subconscious Bias Works In Atlanta

Overcoming subconscious bias is critical to how you see yourself as a company with integrity, trust and perseverance and a great place to work.

Subconscious bias training allows your organization to make significant use of its talents: from better hiring to fairer career opportunities. If you wanted to increase your business growth then you can choose the best HR services in Atlanta.

Tailored to your company’s needs, training courses help your managers to have open, honest and constructive discussions with their line managers and to be sensitive to day-to-day work.

General design. Positive delivery. Practical results. Unconscious bias training tailored to your specific goals and business goals. Guided by your priorities, the diversity consultant will cover a wide range of unconscious bias training activities in your course, including:

  • Contextual representation
  • Personal experience
  • Custom script by Actor
  • Real life example
  • Exercises with instructions for individuals, small groups and whole groups
  • Reflection, review and action planning.

This will give your participants the skills they need: Clearly demonstrate your commitment to addressing unconscious biases in the workplace. Recognize the subtle ways in which subconscious bias manifests itself in the workplace.

Understand the role of diversity practices in your daily tasks. Be clear about the various aspects of their role that may be the target of unconscious bias. Identify opportunities to promote best practice and work with cultural adaptability.